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Dabs from the Mad Scientist.


Dabs from the Mad Scientist.


Millions of beer drinkers from around the world will come to the Bavarian capital of Munich over the next two weeks for the Oktoberfest, which started September 20th and runs until October 5. (REUTERS)

(Photos by AP Photo/Matthias Schrader (2), REUTERS/Michael Dalder, REUTERS/Lukas Barth, REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

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Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With Powerful UN Speech

Watson formally invited men to join the fight for gender equality in a moving speech on Sept. 21, launching the HeForShe campaign. 

For more on Watson’s U.N. speech and HeForShe go here.

Well-spoken & very moving. If y’all haven’t watched this speech, I highly suggest you do so.

Gender equality is your issue too.